9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website.

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There are plenty of Reasons Why Your Business does not have a Website… yet.

Perhaps you doubt its ability to generate more leads and sales. Or maybe, you are afraid of a technology that is unfamiliar to you and your company’s culture.

I’m going to try my mind-reading powers and say you, as a successful entrepreneur, you are already at ease and satisfied with your company’s old school marketing efforts using traditional media such as newspaper ads, radio ads, tv ads, flyers, brochures and whatnot.

And it could be that your business is already generating the sales you are targeting, and you are a well-established service provider or store in your area.

Maybe you think that a Facebook page is enough to get your business an online presence and it might be that you have gathered thousands of likes and shares. Or, you just do not have the time for it.

The mindset of an Entrepreneur for any given subject often is a result of studies, experiences, opinions and years and years of practice often in the form of trial and error. This often affects their ability or willingness to try new platforms specially in technology that would either; add another step to their business process or take a chunk out of their time.

Whatever the reason is, our role as digital marketers and web design providers is not to criticize our fellow entrepreneurs but to educate them. Listen to them, be empathic about their notions and needs when it comes to adapting to modern technologies such as websites.

Fortune 500 Company Websites

Every small to medium sized business or even mom and pop’s stores have a fortune 500 company they look up to, take inspiration from or emulate the same attributes. If we take a look at the list of fortune 500 businesses, we can be sure that each of them have a website and a good majority of them you can assume have a digital marketing department that handles all their online marketing efforts.

Failure to Adapt

Nowadays, most global businesses have carried out a mission to take on the evolution of promoting ones venture and has applied digital marketing as one of their most funded investments to help them run with the tides of change.

But a few of those large corporations have failed because they either procrastinated and denied the simple fact that the internet has made an impact towards running businesses, or they simply did not want to participate in the revolution.

One of the companies that have been left out and worst filed for bankruptcy due to its incapacity to adapt to the change was the toy store retail giant, Toys ‘R Us.

Having filed for bankruptcy in 2017, TRU failed to adapt with the times, innovate its business model and apply technology. Aside from the $7.9 billion worth of debt they had accumulated, Toys R Us signed a 10 year contract with Amazon that made them the exclusive toy seller in the platform in which they paid the e-commerce giant a hefty $50 million dollar per year sum. Although the joint project was a success, it also meant that Toys R Us had no self-sufficient online presence. Meaning, if you went and visited ToysRUs.com you will get redirected to its Amazon store pages. To make matters worse, once Amazon saw what a big hit it was, it began allowing other toy merchants to sell products within the platform and thus ensued a court battle between the two business giants which TRU ultimately won but it was too late and they have already lost years of momentum in developing their own e-commerce platform and online presence.

As a business owner it is our duty to make sure that our business evolves with the latest technology and the current modern information highway is being leveraged to bring our brand to our audience. In our generation’s case it is the internet! And one of the main platforms that every business should have is a mobile responsive beautifully created business website.

Here are the 9 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Website.

1.) Modernization


Since the beginning of the early civilization where we first grew crops and livestock, mankind developed entrepreneurship through trade and barter. The first trade and information highway or the Silkroad is considered the ancestor of modern information technology where merchants established a trade route from China and the Far East to the Middle East and Europe. From then on it had a lasting effect on commerce that resonates even today.

Information technology’s roots from newspapers to radio to television and now the world wide web has influenced how businesses sell. The ability of humans to spread information across the globe has exponentially advanced.

As entrepreneurs, we should be able to identify that ever since man created trade and economics, the technology to inform people about your product has affected the way commerce works. Now that we are at a time where the most modern form of communication is at the palm of our hands, are we supposed to just turn our eyes away from taking our business into the modern era? No! That is why we should modernize and act by getting our own website for our businesses!

2.) Professionalism


Have you ever got that awkward conversation with a prospect client where they asked you, “Do you have a website? Where can I find you online?”. Well I am sure other businesses have heard those lines as well. Today, whether you are a brick and mortar store or an online seller a website resonates professionalism.

Think about it, the internet is global, all the leading brands in the world can be found online, well what about you? If your small business has a website and is found on Google wouldn’t that mean you are serious enough with your business that you would surely take care of your clients and be professional about the product or service you are selling? This will even be truer if they can find written and video testimonials of your former and current clientele online wouldn’t it?

3.) Authenticity


This is the year 2020 and, in your area, it is safe to say that you have competitors online. But can the market’s audience identify which of them does great work before actually paying for the product/service? This can be your edge against your competitors, a mom and pop’s store can get more leads and generate more sales through a professionally designed website that is ranked on the 1st page of Google for specific keywords about your business that have high traffic because it makes you and your business authentic! A 5-star business rating on Google will improve the authenticity of your product or service without a doubt.

4.) Authority


Having authority in your industry and over your competitors can be a deciding factor for a customer to go with your service. But how does a website do that? By creating content that are relevant, informative and of great value to your prospect clients; you can improve your reputation as the go-to brand when it comes to the product or service you are offering.

Another way to do that is to display your portfolio of projects or case studies. Visitors on your website can go through them and see what you have done for your clients and help them decide to buy from your business.

5.) Personality


Your brand’s personality can affect the demographics of your audience. An excellent brand strategy makes sure that your website emits the personality of your brand. Through your website you will be able to present your brand in a way that would connect and engage with your target audience in full attention. No annoying ads, no distraction!

On 3rd party platforms such as Facebook no matter how much you optimize your page to look like your own, it will still ultimately look like well, Facebook!

6.) Ownership


Even the best Facebook marketers out there know this one inconvenient truth. Your page can be blocked anytime Facebook deems you to be in violation of their terms. If your business relies solely on social platforms to generate leads and income and then your business page gets blocked because of something you did that violated their terms of service, your business’s online presence can become paralyzed for weeks or months at a time. Would you, as an entrepreneur take that risk? I hope not.

7.) Online Presence


According to brafton.com 89% of consumers use search engines before they purchase. This means that almost 9 out of 10 people who are looking to buy a product goes to Google before he or she decides where to purchase it from. But how can you be found on Google?

A Facebook page might work but is that enough when all your competitors also have Facebook pages themselves?
Having a website means you own the platform of which your business is running on. You own the leads. In this age of digital platforms you will need a central hub for all of your online marketing campaigns, and this is what your website is!

Think of it as a command center for your brand and digital marketing efforts.

8.) Measurable Data


The main difference between online marketing platforms such as a website and traditional marketing platforms such as newspapers, radio and television is the ability of websites to track the demographics of its viewers. By using Google platforms such as Analytics, Search Console and Tag Manager, you have the capabilities to track user data information and activity within your website. Traditional marketing does not have the same in-depth and intelligent tracking tools such as online marketing.

9.) 24/7/365 Marketing


No other platform than your very own website does all of the things mentioned above and does it 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year (366 days if it’s the leap year).

In Conclusion

After all that was said above, you are still the captain of your ship. It is up to you as an Entrepreneur to decide which direction you want to lead your business into. Whether you get a website or stay with social media platforms to get your brands message across, keep in mind that the businesses who last are the ones who adapt to the change, evolve with the times, use the latest information channels and bring continued value to their customers.

If you think we missed anything on the list do let us know in the comments below and we can start a friendly discussion about how your business has tackled issues within the digital marketing industry.

John Tañedo

John Tañedo

Founder and Managing Director

John helps clients build beautiful, converting and mobile responsive websites. At the same time, he does the art direction and project management for all projects at Ironclad. From videos, content, sales funnels, apps, SEO, social media, graphic design, branding, digital marketing and everything in between. He makes sure all projects are done with solid capabilities, proven process, accurate execution and speedy timeframe.


  1. Maciej

    Great article John! I really liked it. In fact, In today’s world, every real business needs a website and you have explained all advantages of having a nice website very well! Keep doing great work 🙂

    • John

      Thanks Maciej. I appreciate the kind words. Hopefully we’ll get to work on creating engaging content for Divi Pixel in soon.


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