Want to Learn How a Basic Website is Built without Coding?


Did you drop out of school?


Are you still unemployed?


You want to learn a new technical skill?


Are you a small business owner who needs a basic website for your start-up business?


Do you suck at coding? But want to learn how to build a website?

Then this online workshop is for YOU…

There is a common misconception about building websites.

Most people think building websites requires you to be a genius in programming to be able to pull off designing and developing one. But I am here to tell you that building websites nowadays is easier than you think. With the help of modern web technologies, I will teach you how to build a basic website without using a single line of code. As long as you have a decent internet connection, a decent computer, willingness to learn and the grit to build your very first website!

This workshop is not for everybody,  this is not for you if…


You want to learn programming


You do not have a computer


You do not have a decent internet connection


You are already a seasoned website developer

My goal is to show you that anybody can build a website even if you are not a coder/programmer.

On this X hour workshop I will teach you how to build a basic X page website using:



The most popular opensource website content management software.



One of the best paid/premium website page builder theme/plugin available


Contact form plugins

2 free contact form plugins and 1 paid contact form plugin called Gravity Forms.

From start to launch I will teach you what is needed to build your very first website using these 4 easy steps.

Step 1: Environment Preparation

Before we start building a website, we must learn how to prepare the environment where we are going to house it. This is called hosting. If your website was a house, a hosting server is the land your house will be built on. All the software files and databases that run your website and the media you use for your website are placed inside a hosting server.



I will show you how to install a local hosting instance on your own computer using XAMPP

Shared Hosting

You’ll be taught how to buy a hosting plan on hostgator.com, one of the most reliable and affordable shared hosting available,

Step 2: WordPress Installation

Installing WordPress on your localhost so that you’ll be able to practice building websites even without buying a hosting just yet.

I will also show you two ways to install WordPress through Hostgator shared hosting:


One-click installation

With every premium shared hosting there is an easy option to install WordPress instantly.

Manual Installation

Creating a database via phpmyadmin and uploading WordPress files via Filezilla

Step 3: Pagebuilder Installation

By installing the Divi page builder you will gain access to the power of building websites without programming or doing any code. Divi is one of the most popular drag-and-drop page builders out in the WordPress market today.

Step 4: Let’s Go Start Building!

We will now start building our basic website’s pages including: Home, About, Blog and Contact pages.

All these and more for a ONE-TIME PAYMENT of PHP998.00
No hidden charges. No nonesense.

Reserve your spot and I will teach you how you can build your first website without coding!

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