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Clear Results

Equipped with their brand new website, a corporate product video and an SEO Campaign; Bean to Mug has gone from a business that has limited online presence and several website revamps made by other online marketing agencies to a sold-out product with an online campaign that did not only exceed the client’s expectations but also challenges the top coffee brands of the world.

Selling coffee beans to the U.S. market from the exotic mountains of the Philippines is no easy feat but with the help of Ironclad Creatives they not only have sold their stocks in the Pacific West but also got sales from other States in the U.S., Mexico, and going as far as South America.

Our Online Marketing and Brand Strategies aimed towards delivering data-driven results that are supported with a method of science in computing which will surely improve the returns of any product, service and business entities.

The Challenge

Bean to Mug has gone through multiple websites created by different individuals/agencies that claimed to know what they were doing. Not only did Bean to Mug lost time and money but their online marketing campaigns went nowhere.

The Coffee Industry is one of the biggest niche when it comes to drinks and beverages. With its gritty competition on the world wide web and in the US local market, Bean to Mug needed a strategic plan of how they would break-through, be competitive and truly be noticed.

The goals where to promote the culture of Philippines through a unique organic coffee experience exported directly from the deep mountains of Bukidnon at the heart of the major southern island of Mindanao in the Philippines to the Western world. 

With Ironclad taking over their Website Redesign, Brand Strategy, Search Engine Optimization and Video creation; like phoenix out of the ashes Bean to Mug’s Brand saw the horizon and rose from its uncertainties of its Online Presence.

“ Ironclad Creatives brought us from confusion to clarity and also made it easy for us to understand the method in which our Brand’s Culture and Online Presence is Beautifully represented through a powerful conversion platform and creative digital doorway. ”

Our strategy

If there was one thing that we, at Ironclad are sure about, it is this; the Philippines is a country rich with culture and a profound taste for its coffee beverages. Both of these aspects together with the growth in awareness of how Filipinos live their lives abroad, missing and longing for their families and motherland brought together an idea that sparked Bean to Mug’s Online Marketing and Branding plan of action.

The world has caught up to the beautiful gem of Filipino work-ethic, ingenuity and a passion for their proud race. With Bean to Mug’s organic coffee, the sky is the limit to what Filipinos are capable of achieving while beginning their days with a cup of coffee.

This is the core vision of what our online campaign’s goals are. John and the Ironclad Team has come up with a master plan that will not only promote the Culture of Filipinos in every mug of coffee but to also highlight the uniqueness and rarity of such exotic coffee product that came halfway across the world for the West to get their hands on.

Using the latest media trends, tools and scientific strategies; we are able to look at all the data from our tests and arrive at a conclusion that supports our campaign to a degree of certainty that will only reflect success. You are sure that Ironclad will let you understand the ever-expanding world of technology and what it can do for you!


Caffeinated Colour Pallette

Using shades of the coffee beans as primary colors creates a feeling of coffee aroma in the air when navigating throughout the website.


BolD & CRISP Typography


Oswald Regular 36pt

Oswald Regular 30pt

Oswald Regular 24pt

“Using Oswald for the headlines will help make the Brand feel authoritative and legit. “


PT Sans Regular 32pt

PT Sans 24pt

PT Sans 18pt

“The audience will feel secured and safe while navigating through the website and will be more likely to purchase the product because of it.”


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