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Launching their new website was an exciting new adventure for Control Systems Automation. They were ecstatic when they saw it fall in place in just a couple of weeks.

Having provided the most minimal of specifications, content, photos and direction; they were quite surprised to see their website look as clean and professional as it is.

And told Ironclad how happy they were with the results that they will hire us again for another website.

Using Siteground as their host which was recommended by Ironclad for their requirements. We also used Let’s Encrypt for their SSL certificate.

The content management system is WordPress for ease-of-use and Divi page builder to make sure that the admin can edit and add pages without difficulties.

The Challenge

Having bought their domain in 2018 it took 2 years before they decided to go ahead and start the creation of their website. With the Covid pandemic, Ironclad gave a 50% discount to all local businesses in the Philippines for the basic website production.

CSA jumped right to it grabbing the opportunity to get a modern and professional website that will help them improve their online business presence.

Like most businesses looking to get a website CSA had almost no idea where to start and how to proceed. Having a few photos and some content here and there, they entrusted John and the Ironclad team to go ahead and do what they know whats best for their business. 

We would proceed with the project at a very calculated pace and together, as a team we have provided a solution for our very busy clients. 



“With the budget we had. we were very pleased and surprise to see our website built at such professionalism that it looks like we spent a fortune on it! “

Our strategy

As per usual our ability to read our client’s visions on what they want to look and feel like is on full display on this project. Our client provided simple and almost no material to work with but an old existing logo, some random photos of their machines and a word document where the copy for each page is written almost in one block.

Knowing this, we created a website with one goal in mind; show the client’s products on every page of the website that will help them understand and in turn decide to contact and purchase from CSA.

With our design hats on, we laid out a website that definitely does just that! On every mobile device our main goal was to show the machines they sell and allow users to browse through the whole site with ease and once they decide to do an action like trying to call or contact CSA, they can do it with one or 2 clicks!

Even on any mobile device you will be able to find a click to call button that is easy to navigate to and contact CSA in a few seconds.

Brand’s Colour Palette

Using their brand colours of blue and red to show their business profile.


Clean Typography


Roboto 42pt

Roboto 24pt

Roboto 20pt

“A clean typography makes it easier for the audience to read the text without squinting. “


Montserrat 32pt

Montserrat 24pt

Montserrat 18pt

“This will not only allow them to understand what the product is all about but also be more comfortable for them to read.”

The Numbers




Mobile Responsive

Satisfied Client

Not Convinced?

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