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Today the website can still rival with other sites that were just newly launched. Because the website adheres to the brand of Drishti Online it is still the primary online marketing tool used by the school aside from social media and videos.

Using modern design trends, Drishti’s website has stand the test of time and is still being used 4 years after its build. This has saved them a good amount of money in which they have used for other important things in their school. 

The staff at Drishti loves how easy it is to add, edit and delete content on the website using the Divi Page Builder.

The Challenge

Anand contacted John and the Ironclad Team on the freelancing platform called Upwork (formerly Odesk) several years ago. They needed a mobile responsive website that would have a design that is modern and easy to navigate.

Knowing that the design of a website should adhere to modern web design trends, they asked John for help and even though there is a language and culture barrier, John had promised them that the process will be done in a professional manner that the end product will be taking Drishti’s Brand and making sure that their website will show their Excellence in Education.

Having several pages in mind and specific features on the design and functionality of the website; John and the Drishti team hopped on a couple of group phone calls via Google Talk and they spoke about the process of the creation of their website.


“Despite the fact that John resided in a country several time zones apart from us, it was easy to communicate and collaborate with John.”

Our strategy

With the growing needs of schools to be visible online and the standard of which Web Design trends have a face-paced timeline; Ironclad planned the creation of Drishti Online’s website with a process that involves: PSD Mock up design, Phone calls, Revisions and finally WordPress Development.

Making sure that the company colors and photos were used all throughout the website in a manner that will not distract the visitor from the value of the information on every page was at utmost importance. 

John and the team made sure that the design would be somewhat timeless when it comes to Web Design trends now a days. The features of the website includes; an easy mobile responsive vertical navigation, advanced forms, information pages, blog, photo galleries, testimonial forms and many more.

Within a few weeks the website would be launched and Drishti is glad to have worked with John on the old Odesk platform and will recommend him for more clients in the future.

With the new website, visitors will be able to get information about the school and access their services any time and anywhere.


Pastel Colour Pallette

The pastel colors of the brand were used to reflect the school’s services in counselling and mental health therapy.


Clean Typography


Roboto Regular 32pt

Roboto Regular 24pt

Roboto Regular 20pt

“Using Roboto as the headlines for the website makes it easy to read and shows authority for its boldness.”


Open Sans Regular 32pt

Open Sans Regular 24pt

Open Sans Regular 18pt

“The paragraphs are set to this font to make it easy on the eyes to read and keeps the layout clean.”

Not Convinced?

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