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Brand Strategy & Identity

Brand Strategy

Your brand is the first component of your business that should reflect strength, effectiveness and quality of the service or product that you offer.

Brand Identity involves creating a unique name and personality behind the company or product as well as a compelling story and tone that helps a potential customer connect with the brand.

Visual Identity

The visual identity of a brand starts with the creation of a unique logo that transmits the brands message together with other visual aspects such as color palette and typography.

This identity is consistently used in any printed or online material in order to communicate a cohesive impression to potential customers.


Strategic Thinking.

Compelling Design.

Branding Guidelines

A branding guideline is an essential tool for any business that gives clear and concise documentation on how to communicate a brand effectively. It details the brand identity as well as the visual identity of the business to ensure consistency across all communication channels.

The Process

knowledge + imagination= balance in your brand


Gathering insights

  • We start by speaking with you about your business and your vision for your brand. Our objective is to listen to what you have to say and take notes. We will also take a look at inspirations for your brand that we might channel to create your own unique style.
Planning out

  • To achieve your goals as a business is our mission. By understanding your company’s direction we will sketch out the first draft of ideas for your logo and brainstorm concepts for your brand’s messaging. This is a crucial point in creating a brand that is recognizable and stands out from the crowd

Go create

  • This is where we start building the designs out on paper. Once we come up with possible options, we will make 3 vectorized versions for your logo. Exploring color options, typography, mood and archetype for your complete brand package. 

Launch now

  • It is now time to see your shiny new brand in action. We will set-up a presentation for us to show you live applications of the concepts we have done for you. Once approved, we pop a bottle of champagne or light a blunt if you are down with it

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Logo Usage Guidelines

Visual Identity Guidelines




Business Card

Powerpoint Template

ID Card


Basic Website



Case Study

Logos and Brand Identity will be the face of your company, service or product. It should be very well designed, recognizable, relatable and easily imprinted in the minds of your target customers. It should consist of your brand colors, type and should tell a story that reflects your company’s excellence and pride. Below is an example of what we have done for one of our clients.






Proxima Nova


Colour Pallette

The company’s colors should represent it’s personality and/or services. Whether it is fun, formal, cool, serious or bubbly; the colors of your company will show it.


R: 34             C: 100%

G: 63             M:88%

B: 132           Y: 17%

                      K: 4%


R: 215             C: 9%

G: 32               M: 99%

B: 39                Y: 98%

                         K: 1%


R: 241            C: 0%

G: 90              M: 80%

B: 41               Y: 94%

                        K: 0%

Take your brand to the next level

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Your brand will set you apart from the crowd. Let us assist you in your quest to become a leader in your industry by creating a brand that empowers your business and connects with your audience.

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