Kiwi Pro Works


Clear Results

With the new Kiwi Pro Works website, Nick and the rest of the team are armed with a marketing tool that screams professionalism and excellence on every page.

The design and content are balanced in a way that makes the user experience and usability effortless. The colors uses the brand guidelines that Ironclad created and every illustration is carefully fitted to show meticulous usage of branding requirements on every section of every page.

BEAUTIFUL! Was the word that Nick described the newly designed website.

The Challenge

Designing for a Branding and Digital Marketing company is a task that can only be successful if you are an expert in Branding and Digital Marketing yourself. Thus, Nick and the Kiwi Pro Works team was confident in asking John for help in creating their branding requirements and designing their website.

Kiwi Pro Works is a Branding and Digital Marketing start-up based in Florida, United States with team members from all over the globe. Their main services consist of Branding, Web Design and Online Marketing.

The main idea of Kiwi Pro Works is the Kiwi fruit. A sweet, tangy and refreshing taste and a color that reflects nature with its cool green and earthy brown skin. On top of that the founder wanted the kiwi bird to add more fun and Ironclad was ready for the challenge! 

I have worked with Ironclad on over 5 projects and each website they creates truly has an awesome design and flow.

Our strategy

The ironclad plan was to design a website that identifies with the brand requirements. The kiwi fruit symbolizes the sweet success of the client’s satisfaction and business growth in working with Kiwi Pro Works on their Brand and Digital Marketing requirements.

Nick wanted a minimal style with the use of vector graphics to create a story that would tell the visitors about the excellence and vision of the company. With this in mind, Ironclad planned the Branding Guidelines in a manner that would shout professionalism and expertise in the field of Brand, Design and Marketing.

For a start-up that offers a wide variety of Branding, Design and Marketing services; it is vital that the design of the website will not only show a clear and concise visual representation of the brand but also make sure that the information shown on the website is arranged in a manner that tells the visitors what Kiwi is offering, what Kiwi is all about and what Kiwi will do for them.

Above all, the website should be responsive to all mobile devices in order for all visitors to easily navigate through the pages and find what they are looking for while enticing them to hire Kiwi for the projects they have in mind.

With the design and strategy in place, it was up to the wordpress developers to transform this wonderful brand and design to a full working mobile responsive website. 

Fruity Colour Pallette

Using the shades of the Kiwi fruit on the colors of the website makes a fresh and friendly vibe.


Not Convinced?

We do a plethora of Branding and Online Marketing Services for our clients. Check them out!

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