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Neurosolutions TMS Treatment Center increased their lead generation ever since the launch of their newly designed website for their psychiatry clinic.

They have become very busy attending to their clients day in and day out. Every day calls are coming in for them.

The website has a clean, modern and intuitive design that uses great strategic placement for call to actions and has generated over $100,000 worth of leads in 6 months.

Ironclad creatives continues to work with TMS on their website’s marketing campaign through user-centric design that aims to provide better engagement and conversion rates.

The Challenge

Medical clinic websites online usually have an old, outdated and unprofessional look. This is usually due to the fact that clinic owners and medical practicioners have little to no time to handle their online presence, let alone do the time-consuming work with an agency/freelancer to improve their website’s design and features.

The old website of Neurosolutions TMS was a mess to say the least, the content arrangement and the over-all layout does not reflect the quality of psychiatric service that TMS offer to their clients.

The colors and typography was all over the place. And for a professional clinic’s online presence to improve and their authority to be established; a well-made, professional, clean user-interface and beautiful website was needed.

With little time to spare the client needed timely help and service that requires minimal attention. What they wanted was to show what they have, what they offer and what they needed. The rest should be taken cared of so they can concentrate on what their business does best which is giving Psychiatric treatment to their clients.


“I had a really rough draft of a website and he completely transformed into something that I never could’ve imagined. The flow of the website mixed with his creativity has helped us generate close to $100,000 worth of leads (in 6 months). ”

Our strategy

Clean, modern, intuitive, user-friendly interface, engaging and most of all non-boring; those are words that would describe the goals for the Neurosolutions TMS Treatment Center website redesign project that John and the rest of the Ironclad Creatives team envisioned.

Keeping in mind that the service of the client involves psychological and medical treatments, we knew that their website should exude with what clients should feel when they visit their clinic; safe, clean and secured.

We at Ironclad Creatives made sure that their new website will not only look professional but also easy to understand. The information that they are showing on the website is the type of content that should be correctly understood since it involves health.

Using photos that would help the audience in understanding what the service is all about has not only improved the user-engagement but also got people calling on the phone with just one click of the “Call Now” Button.

Corporate Colour Palette

Using clean, bright and crisp business colors to show security and safety throughout the interface.


Clean Typography


Montserrat Regular 36pt

Montserrat Regular 24pt

Montserrat Regular 20pt

“A clean typography makes it easier for the audience to read the text without squinting. “


Open Sans Regular 32pt

Open Sans Regular 24pt

Open Sans Regular 18pt

“This will not only allow them to understand what the product is all about but also be more comfortable for them to read.”


Page Views


USD Leads


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