Win-Win Corporation


The Videos

All the videos were shot and edited by the Ironclad Team. They also did the voice over for the video ad “Subic Trucks”. Using professional equipment and Adobe software to edit and produce the videos at 1080 HD quality.

We created corporate videos, 3d logo animations, event coverage and video ads or explainer videos with professional voice overs that would help you in marketing and promoting your brand, products or services. 

With these videos Win Win Corporation has been armed with great marketing material to use in their campaign to promote their brand and their products. Entering 2019 with the advantage of using videos and technology, they will surely improve their business model.

The Challenge

Win Win Corporation approached Ironclad Creatives because they needed several videos and photography sessions for their business and their events. Their needs were the following;  A video animation of their company logo, An explainer video of their Subic Trucks for sale,  Corporate video and finally a video animation for their December event.

They also needed video and photography coverage for their “Business Convergence” event. Knowing the timeline was a bit tight, the Ironclad Team jump right into it.


“Ironclad Creatives were very professional and the videos they took were just right. They delivered on time!”

Not Convinced?

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