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Palm’s Secret E-commerce Website, with its minimalist design and 100% mobile responsive interface will surely improve their Business’s reputation online. Not only that, with clear call to actions and simplicity of user-experience their customers can easily buy their products with just a couple of clicks.

Surely, together with a great marketing strategy they will be able to generate new sales through the online store and completely own their platform without any worries.

Because of what the Ironclad team has done for their website they have also subscribed for the Maintenance Plans that the team offers.

Now they have the right tools to conquer and edge out their competitors in the Philippines.

The Challenge

Palm’s Secret is a skincare boutique in the Philippines that sells skincare products as well as provides skincare services through their local clinics.

It is a family-owned business that is growing and getting a considerable amount of clients. With the covid pandemic happening, they asked John and the Ironclad team to help them build their own online platform that they can use as an online marketing tool and sell their products directly without going through a 3rd party online e-commerce platform.

Having been in the skincare industry for quite some time they already know which direction they want to go when it comes to their Brand and Online Marketing Strategies.

With this in mind, they scheduled a quick consultation with John and spoke about their plans for the future of their business and the current situation the world is in which they understood would affect the way their business will have to execute their vision.

“ We had a wonderful time working with John and the Ironclad Team as they were professional and frank about what they know our website will look like. We appreciate that they know their expertise and we are very happy with our E-commerce Website! ”

Our strategy

We went for a Minimalist design with the direction of the client. Using Woocommerce, Divi and WordPress we were able to build an E-commerce platform with paypal/credit card payment options.

Using their main colors and variations of gold we designed the website’s interface with simplicity in mind.

This way the focus will be on the Palm’s products itself which will improve the click through rates of the call to action buttons.

Keeping in mind that they should be able to easily add products to their store, we used the Divi page builder to create all the layouts of the pages.

With the Cart and Checkout features on the website, clients will be able to buy multiple items and easily pay via paypal or credit cards

Minimalist Colour Palette

Using their Brand’s colors with a minimalist approach makes sure that the highlight of the website is the product and not the website itself.


Clean Typography


Open Sans 32pt

Open Sans 24pt

Open Sans 18pt

“This will not only allow them to understand what the product is all about but also be more comfortable for them to read.”

The Numbers

Weeks Delivery



Mobile Responsive

Satisfied Client

Not Convinced?

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